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We commonly see running toilets just needing a new flapper. Pretty common, first step is to shut off the water valve behind the toilet, and then go buy a new flapper from your local hardware store. We can walk you through it.

This can be a tricky one, but take a look at a few things for us. 

Go to your water meter and look at the ballast, check dial and see if it’s moving with everything shut off in the house.

Another thing to look for is hotspots in the floor, walk around your house bare-footed and try to feel for them.

J Ferg Plumbing Commitment #1

"Do it right the first time, so there will be no headaches for anyone later."

Property-Wide Plumbing Projects.

We Know Them. We’ve Built Custom Homes for 20 Years. It takes the perspective of experience doing plumbing projects from new home builds, total home rebuilds, up to large commercial-sized projects. That means we identify every detail and constraint to make sure we know exactly what we are looking at.

If you think you have a gas leak, please contact us immediately.

We perform backflow installation & tests for residential & commercial applications. We offer hose bibs, vacuum breakers to high hazard RPZ’s. Whatever best fits your situation, we’ll take care of you.

If water is surfacing , you notice a hot spot on the floor, or if you can hear water moving in a fixture while everything is turned off, you could have a slab leak. Our Professionals have extensive experience in diagnosing slab leaks and repairing with minimal obstruction to your home as possible.

Camera Inspection is for sewage only. We have the ability to inspect and diagnose lines from an inch and a half to twelve inches.

J Ferg Plumbing Commitment #2

"We will always leave the client's property in a cleaner state than it was when you entered it."

Small Repairs and Troubleshooting

How many times have you had one problem that kept re-occuring? Well that happens when the problem is accurately diagnosed the first time. We ensure that we always focus on the root cause and ensure that the small issue you are dealing with never comes back.

We offer conventional sewer line replacement.

Whether you have a faucet you want to install or want us to find the perfect faucet for your home or business, we can handle this for you and provide a 1-year warranty for the labor.

If you’re having issues with your toilet, we can repair or replace depending on what best suits your needs.

If your valves or shutoffs are corroded or don’t operate freely, we’re happy to offer replacement.

We offer conventional cables and hydro jetting to clear any blockages or plugged drains.

J Ferg Plumbing Commitment #3.

"We are a big family, we take care of each other, and our full team is always ready to help your family in need."

Equipment and Piping Installation

When you trust J Ferg Pros Plumbing with your equipment or plumbing installation needs, you are getting the expertise to ensure that you are using the right equipment for your home. There are many intricacies around what the water flow optimal values are, the diameter of your piping and how that affects how efficiently water gets around your house.  Contact the Pros!

We can install or repair soft water systems per your needs.

We are certified Rheem, Navien, and Rinai technicians. Whether you need a repair, replacement, or retrofit, our team is experienced to provide you with hot water!

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